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KSJM Series Single Phase DC Output

KSJM Series Single Phase DC Output. KSJM series is mini type DC output solid state relay with panel mount or quick connection options. The load ratings available from 10 to 50 Amps at 30 to 200VDC. It is designed with MOSFET technology to provide fast and reliable switching at high currents.


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Product Description

· Bipolar Transistor Output
· Control Voltage: 5VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC
· Load Current: 2A@3-100VDC
· Dielectric Strength: 4000Vrms
· PCB Mounted
· LED Indication
· RoHS Compliant
· Optional socket, rail mounting

General parameters

Name KSJM  Series SSR
Load Voltage 50VDC~200VDC
Load Current 10A~50A
Ambient Temperature Range -30℃ ~ +80℃
Storage Temperature Range -30℃ ~ +100℃
Weight (Typical) 35g

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General Notes

1. The heat generated by the relay shall be distributed through the bottom plate, and it shall be ensured that the bottom plate of the relay is in close contact with the radiator and firmly installed, and the contact surface shall be added with heat conducting pads or coated with heat conducting silicone grease.
2. The terminal of relay should ensure the wiring is firm. Loose wiring will lead to abnormal heating of the product and damage the product. The recommended mounting torque for bolt construction is (0.58 ~ 0.98) N·m.
3. When the working environment temperature of the product is high, please refer to the temperature curve for derating.
4.The capacitive load will generate extremely high inrush current at the moment of re-conduction, which may lead to the damage of solid state relay due to excessive inrush current. Therefore, if the load is time capacitive, or if the load has parallel capacitance, it is strongly recommended to series NTC in the load loop to suppress the inrush current so as not to damage the product.

◆Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Please don’t hesitate to contact with us for any technical questions.

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